How to apply for absentee payroll?

1. Once your company has signed up on SGMP courses, SGMP will submit trainees enrollment in the SSG “Training Partners Gateway”.

2. Enterprises will be notified via email when trainees have been successfully enrolled by the Training Organization and receive a separate email to proceed with Absentee Payroll Declaration with required information including salary and work hours for the trainees.

3. This email will be received upon the completion of the course.

4. Please take note that CorpPass is required to login to EPJS.

5. Please refer to our guide to create CORP pass role “EPJS user” for SSG/WSG e-service (you can download this document below)

6. Simply login to, then your company will be assigned an e-service to your users.

7. Once your additional EPJS CorpPass is assigned, you will be able to login to EPJS website to transact.

8. You may want to first login in to, go to the navigator bar next to “Search magnifier” and select “Digital Service” to further familiarize the transaction.

9. Once you are in the “Digital Service”, you may click on “Absentee Payroll Funding Claim Submission” underneath the Sector “For Enterprise”.

10. Click on “Absentee Payroll Claim On Onboarding Guide” or “Absentee Payroll Video Guide”.

11. Watch the video below to understand better.

12. Ensure that your company's PayNow details is updated.

EPJS User Guide Download