Assistant Director Course

SSG Funded

"Think Simple, Think Logic"

SGMP is proud to present the Assistant Director Course (SSG Funded).

Your may sign up either one or BOTH

Course Dates

Module 2: Production Planning and Scheduling TGS-2020504868

  • Intake: June 2023, July 2023, August 2023
  • You may go for: Monday to Friday
  • Time: 10am to 7pm Or 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Module 3: Crew Selection TGS-2020504426

  • Intake: June 2023, July 2023, August 2023
  • You may go for: Monday to Friday
  • Time: 10am to 7pm Or 6:30pm to 10:30pm

To complete each module: 40 hours

Please type in the Starting Date in the application form for your preferred intake.

Module2: Production Planning and Scheduling TGS-2020504868

Best for Assistant Director (Or to be)

Course highlight
The roles of Assistant Directors

During PreProduction:

What does the First Assistant Director do?

  • a. Breakdown the script?
  • b. Master Schedule?
  • c. Conducting Meeting?
  • d. Casting arrangement?
  • e. How to ensure the Call Sheet is realistic and trustable?
  • f. More than the above

Case Study and Practical training on how:

  • Assistant Director Coordinate the crews to ensure what the script requires.
  • Assistant Director Coordinate and arrange meeting for the Director to meet respective head of departments for the Production Scheduling

The course cover:
How does an Assistant Director to ensure:

  • Location is ready for shoot before the crew reports on set;
  • that the shooting conditions satisfy all creative requirements and ready for shoot at any time.
  • Work closely with the Continuity Supervisor on sets and/or before the shoot.
  • To always get ready the next scene to shoot before the current scene ends.

Module 3: Crew Selection TGS-2020504426

  • An in-depth study the various contents creators’ roles and the camera crews members.
  • The key person above the line and below the line
  • How to kick off a creative content — The Executive Producer and the Creative Producer
  • What is a Director role versus the Director of Photography
  • How to select the right crew for the right genres of production
  • Know what the Production Crew and Creative Team should do and can do for a creative content
  • What are roles between a Line Producer and the Production Manager

Case studies : base on either a TVC, Short Firm and/or Music Video

  • On the communication skills among the Creative Teams as well as that of Production Crews.
  • The execution abilities based on the plans
  • Also: Budgeting

A Great Assistant Director knows all the above well.

Module is best for:

Production house are welcome to Join Us.


Each module: 40Hrs

Course Fees

Full Fee:
70% funding

Company Sponsored
Trainee (SME)
70% Funding

Funding :

Nett Fee :

Absentee Allowance :
80Hrs X $4.50 (Capped) = $360

*Courses are subsidized by Skillsfuture Singapore.

*Enjoy 70% funding of course fees.

*Company sponsored are entitled for Absentee Payroll.

*Freelancers who owe a Declared SME company are advised to sign up under Company sponsored category.

*Beginners may consider signing the entire package of the above 9 modules.

* Skillsfuture credit cannot be used for Company Sponsored.


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