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“We did a role play. I had to direct them where to stand, when to move, what to say, when is the cue…those kind of stuff. And we had a lot of fun.”

My name is HAIZOL, I’m from The Analogue Factory, and I’ve been going through 9 different modules from SGMP, and one of my favourite modules is “Production and Direction” and…

“I thought it just need to ON the power switch and press the Shutter Button…”

I’m Jun Fu from THE ANALOGUE FACTORY. I like Camera Operations and Video productions. I used to think that taking photo and video is kind of like so easy whereby…

Why does “The Analogue Factory” send their Staff to SGMP Production Course?

The Analogue Factory first started off as a music backline company catering musical instruments to small and large concerts in Singapore. Some of the things that we do, include Studio…

I like ‘BLOCKING & STAGING” the most

Hi, I’m Ernest Tan Pin Wee. I’m from Analogue Factory and I’m here to share about the course than I underwent on September 2021 with SGMP. I went through a…

SGMP is proud to launch new modules in Sound and Streaming Broadcast…

WSQ Module 6 – Master Control Room Operations If you’re in-charge of running one of studio’s many control rooms, then you need to learn the ropes by working hands-on. Our…

Take this opportunity to learn in 5 days via “Synchronous E-learning” mode on ZOOM while most of the events are postponed.

The Direction and Production course (WSQ framework)
Multi-Camera Live Stream & Broadcasting (Multi-camera coverage for events)

Multi Camera Live Stream & Broadcasting Lesson

Author: Jordan Woo, APEX Recently, our team attended a film production course by SGMP Pte. Ltd. To our surprise, one of the lessons covered the topic of multi camera live…