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Live Streaming Exercise: “SGMP Talk Show: In Person, Bong Ray Yang”

Before the Recording Reporter: Creative Producer, what do you like to say? Norman: I’m sending them the script. Reporter: Ok, you are sending the script. Reporter: Director, come…What are you…

We were even taught how to check on cable quality !

Personally, I enjoyed “Master Control Room Operations” the most as we were able to understand the end-to-end process in broadcast operations and get hands-on experience with the hardware and software…

The topic that interested me the most is Story and Script Development

In that module that I went through, script writing is about how we formulate the Script. One thing that I learned from the module that is most interesting to me…

“We did a role play. I had to direct them where to stand, when to move, what to say, when is the cue…those kind of stuff. And we had a lot of fun.”

My name is HAIZOL, I’m from The Analogue Factory, and I’ve been going through 9 different modules from SGMP, and one of my favourite modules is “Production and Direction” and…

“He made sure that we followed his steps properly, including blocking, making sure the camera is put in place”

SGMP have helped me especially, meaning directing, as appointed director of videography and photography. My main goal is to make sure that the entire event goes smoothly, especially when it…


Hi, I’m Ke Rong. I’m currently working at The Analogue Factory. I’m here to talk to you about one of my favourite topics, which is The Master Control Room Operations….


I am Dinie, currently working in The Analogue Factory. I am here to share more about the course that I underwent at SGMP. “Sound Mixing” had captured the most attention…

“I thought it just need to ON the power switch and press the Shutter Button…”

I’m Jun Fu from THE ANALOGUE FACTORY. I like Camera Operations and Video productions. I used to think that taking photo and video is kind of like so easy whereby…

Why does “The Analogue Factory” send their Staff to SGMP Production Course?

The Analogue Factory first started off as a music backline company catering musical instruments to small and large concerts in Singapore. Some of the things that we do, include Studio…


With the current pandemic situation, we have to change the way we manage evemts, and move it into Virtual and hybrid Events, which involve more studio streaming and Production Videos.  This is why we…