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A Production Exercise on Interviewing with Multi-Cameras

Today, we did a project entitled ‘SGMP talk show’ where we get to experience what a real filming project is like.  Fortunately, we were all already taught what to do…

I like ‘BLOCKING & STAGING” the most

Hi, I’m Ernest Tan Pin Wee. I’m from Analogue Factory and I’m here to share about the course than I underwent on September 2021 with SGMP. I went through a…

Script & Story Development Using Dan Harmon Story Circle

Group presentation for a final project that includes Story Development and its breakdown by using Dan Harmon Story Circle. It is an extremely challenging but interesting process to detect the…

Take this opportunity to learn in 5 days via “Synchronous E-learning” mode on ZOOM while most of the events are postponed.

The Direction and Production course (WSQ framework)
Multi-Camera Live Stream & Broadcasting (Multi-camera coverage for events)

Organise Your Filmmaking! Several Ways Filmmakers Waste Time And Effort

Author: Jason Cayanan, APEX Filmmaking seems to be a dream job, isn’t it? After all, almost everyone has a favourite film or television series of some sort, and it’s a…

First Day Of Course – an insight by a new student

Author: Jason Cayanan, APEX Hello, my name is Jason Cayanan, a Assistant Producer at Asia Pacific Exhibitors (APEX for short). I will be writing about a specific lesson in a…

Multi Camera Live Stream & Broadcasting Lesson

Author: Jordan Woo, APEX Recently, our team attended a film production course by SGMP Pte. Ltd. To our surprise, one of the lessons covered the topic of multi camera live…