Founder of “Valor Audio-Visual”

“We have to change the way we manage events, and move it into Virtual and hybrid Event “

17 December 2021


With the current pandemic situation, we have to change the way we manage evemts, and move it into Virtual and hybrid Events, which involve more studio streaming and Production Videos. 

This is why we are enhancing them with more knowledge in this sector,so that they can perform for the company.

For me, I was more attracted to what he (Trainer) will be teaching for Module One and Two. 

As for my employees, we are more focused on the technical side.

However, it is the sense on where to place the cameras and the types of shots that will require times and experience to learn.

Having the theory down before hand, will be beneficial as they might be even come out with the suggestions that we might not even consider as well.

All thanks to the course.