Empower you with the ability to conduct a professional Live Broadcast.

14 January 2022


Hi, I’m Ke Rong.

I’m currently working at The Analogue Factory.

I’m here to talk to you about one of my favourite topics, which is The Master Control Room Operations.

For Master Control, what I’ve learned is VMIX.

VMIX basically captures all the cameras, sound, lighting into one system.

What I can do is, on the master control system would be,

I can control which camera can be shown on screen, as well as how loud of which audio can be played through the system.


As with The Analogue Factory, Live Streaming has become an ubiquitous function and tool for businesses around the world. 

At SGMP, we aim to empower you with the ability to conduct a professional live broadcast through our variety of courses. 

Our Master Control Room Operations course has helped companies like The Analogue Factory integrate live audio and video content and broadcast it through various platforms.

One hard part about Master Control, which is…We need to coordinate with everyone.

So we need to coordinate with the sound man, as well as the Cameraman in order to do a proper show with the Master Control.