Live Streaming Exercise: “SGMP Talk Show: In Person, Bong Ray Yang”

This time round, we change the format of featuring our trainees’ Testimonial to a “Live Streaming Exercise” presentation. Our reporter covered the preparation scene before the recording starts.

— Keith Chia Reports.

13 March 2022


Before the Recording

Reporter: Creative Producer, what do you like to say?

Norman: I’m sending them the script.

Reporter: Ok, you are sending the script.

Reporter: Director, come…What are you doing today?

Ernest: Today we are filming a short clip, conduct an interview for Mr.Ng at SGMP.

Reporter: Okay, good…

Ernest: Most of us are attendees of his course, and we are quite excited to be filming this for him.

Reporter: Ok, so who is our talent?

Ernest: Alright , for our talent today, one of them is currently taking a rest room break. But we have our interviewee, Ray Yang.

Ray Yang: Hi, I’m Ray Yang, I’ve learned about Location Scouting which I think is my favorite. Because I benefited most of it.

Reporter: Okay, come, let’s see now what are the production team doing.

Voice: The other side got one or not…

Reporter: Dinie…

Dinie: Yeah.

Reporter: Say something to the camera crew…

Dinie: Hey… 

In Person: Ray Yang

Interviewed by: Ki Jun Fu 

Jun Fu: Hi, I’m Jun Fu. I’m your host for today. Today we have invited a very special guest who attended Mr. Ng course under SGMP.

Ray Yang: My name is Ray Yang. I would like to share with you my experience with SGMP.

Jun Fu: Total you have attended 9 modules in one course right? Which module interest you the most?

Ray Yang: The course on Location Scouting.

Jun Fu: Location Scouting…firstly you have to entertain a lot of rejections, and it is a very “troublesome” things. Of course you have to travel all over the place correct? So…how do you attend to all these rejections?

Ray Yang: When we scout locations, there will be definitely be rejections. So our team will have to develop our plan, which is to scout as many locations that  similar to what we need. So when the first one gets rejected, then ultimately the second one will come out to plan. 

Jun Fu: For traveling wise?

Ray Yang: Traveling wise is in deed quite “troublesome” because taxi fare in Singapore aren’t cheap. So normally when I scout location, I will sometime take a taxi or bus. But when I would have to go to some very “Ulu” places, I will really rely on my Google map. Because sometimes they are quite hard topin point. 

Jun Fu:  So you have visited like to a lot of interesting places than…may be I don’t even know? 

Ray Yang: In Singapore, I think that there are not many places which is quite “Ulu”, but there are still some which are not available to the public. So when I make a visit there, I would need a pass to get in.

Jun Fu: So, will you recommend this course to like…others in your industry?

Ray Yang: Well, I would definitely recommend this course to my close ones, because firstly there are nine modules which each of them has their own unique interest. And throughout the entire course, you would definitely pick up something that you like.

Jun Fu: Thanks a lot for today. And we are very appreciate your time for coming down and share with us more. Thank you.

Ray Yang: Thank you.

Trainer: Okay, let’s play back and watch the recording. See how you guys performed.

(Jun Fu: It wasn’t that good…)