SGMP is proud to launch new modules in Sound and Streaming Broadcast…

07 October 2021

Group 1

WSQ Module 6 – Master Control Room Operations

If you’re in-charge of running one of studio’s many control rooms, then you need to learn the ropes by working hands-on. Our training workshops cover topics like basic television operations, feedback monitoring and HD technology.⁣⁣

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WSQ Module 7 – Sound Recording Operations

Learn about the principles of sound hearing and acoustics, different types of audio signal, the types of recording medium and various accessories for microphone and sound recording equipment.

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WSQ Module 8 – Camera Operations

Modern live-event sets are getting increasingly more complex, which means that film and TV crews need to be innovative and vigilant to stay on top of the latest technology. Wondering how to make it in the film industry? Start by learning more about camera operations!

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WSQ Module 9 – Sound Mixing

You need to be able to take charge of your sound mix. It’s our responsibility as sound mixers to not only produce good mixes, but also understand what makes them good so we can communicate these things with other mixers.

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