We were even taught how to check on cable quality !

Kelvin Chen & Jonathan Cai

Xiaoyuan Marketing

15 February 2022

kelvin and Jon

Personally, I enjoyed “Master Control Room Operations” the most as we were able to understand the end-to-end process in broadcast operations and get hands-on experience with the hardware and software required for a professional live broadcast. We were assessed very heavily on the hands-on application of what we learnt. In particular, we were guided and assessed on using vMix, a software vision mixer, that is an essential tool for providing quality livestreams for our consumers.

Kelvin Chen, Xiaoyuan Marketing Pte Ltd

As someone that is actively involved with our video production team , “Sound Recording” was extremely useful for me. We learnt about different audio signals, as well as different types of recording equipment and microphones. I was impressed the focus on hands-on learning; in terms of imparting the know-how on how to set up and operate recording equipment. We were even taught how to check on cable quality !

Jonathan Cai, Xiaoyuan Marketing Pte Ltd/Yes Beauty