SGMP Turns AI:

AI Website Strategy, Brand Storytelling

Pioneering Media Education
with Intelligent Transformation

"Think Simple, Think Logic"

Revolutionizing Corporate
Websites and AI Productions

The SGMP Innovation


This shift not only positions us as a media academy, but also allows us to establish ourselves as content creators for the corporate and e-commence website and AI video production.

Through this, we aim to provide brands from various industries with the tools and guidance they need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of brand establishment.

Academy Course

The SGMP Innovation

Clifford Ng is a veteran media practitioner in the industry, with years of experience as an executive producer, creative producer, director for television and radio. He is skilled in creating creative content and visual storytelling, and has gained widespread recognition and acclaim in the industry for his expertise and innovative approach. He constantly explores and integrates various production skills from traditional and new media, bringing fresh surprises to his work.