M1 – Direction & Production


"Think Simple, Think Logic"

Learning Outcomes and
Knowledge Statements:

  • Able to develop the direction and process of shoots
  • Able to understand production technical aspects
  • Able to manage shoots in alignment to creative vision
  • Break down scripts to identify all production elements for scenes
  • Document the day-wise shoot schedule including the scenes and
    shots to be covered, type of shoot and key characteristics for each shoot
  • Facilitate the team to develop shoot sequences based on the
    breakdown of scripts into story boards
  • Direct secondary cast and extras on set to support production
  • Supervise the cast and crew on set to ensure that production
    progresses according to the schedule and is aligned with the creative
  • Explain the details of any shot such as camera angle, stance, motion
    in the scene, usage of props to the actors
  • Foresee technical issues that may arise during production and
    postproduction and recommend options to modify script and resolve
    issues proactively
  • Follow the plan closely to ensure continuity during production

Module is best for:

Art Director, Videographer, Line Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Director, Continuity Supervisor



Hands-On Learning:

  • We will introduced you to Misc En Scene
  • The technique and principles of 180 degrees rules
  • The important of Blocking and Staging
  • How to communicate with all crew and creative teams for better visual storytelling, the Misc En Scene
  • What kind of Cuts are there in the industry and the Creative Combination

Course Fees

Full Fee:
Up to 70% funding

Company Sponsored
Trainee (SME)
70% Funding

Funding :

Nett Fee :

Absentee Allowance :
40Hrs X $4.50 (Capped) = $180

(Above 40, Mid-Career)
70% Funding

Funding :

Nett Fee :

(Below 40, Regular)
50% Funding

Funding :

Nett Fee :

*Courses are subsidized by Skillsfuture Singapore.

*Enjoy 50-70% funding of course fees.

*Company sponsored are entitled for Absentee Payroll.

*Individual of 40 years old and above will enjoy the same funding and Skillsfuture credit could be used too.

*Freelancers who owe a Declared SME company are advised to sign up under Company sponsored category.

*Beginners may consider signing the entire package of the above 9 modules.

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