M8 – Camera Operations (Level 3)


"Think Simple, Think Logic"

Learning Outcomes and
Knowledge Statements:

  • Understand specifications, features and functions of camera equipment and accessories 
  • Understand shot plans in accordance to production styles and requirements 
  • Apply suitable camera operations according to production styles 
  • Technical specifications for various types of camera equipment and accessories 
  • Feature and functions of various types of camera equipment and accessories 
  • Instructions to operate different types of cameras 
  • Types of camera positions to shoot and frame shots 
  • Principles of picture composition 
  • Cinematography techniques 
  • Speciality camera equipment and accessories
  • Safety regulations and procedures pertaining to camera operations

Module is best for:

Film Crew, Project Manager, Event Producer



Hands-On Learning:

  • Cameras are the lifeline of any Production House. Here we will show you what kind of cameras and their accessories, their technical specs as well as how to use them
  • Setting up the Cameras to get a 180 degree coverage
  • Most of the time during a production shoot, everyone will be quite busy, therefore it will be to your advantage to know how to setup the framing of the shots like Wide Shot, MCU, CU, MS and others for coverage
  • Learn about different Camera Techniques for Filming and the principal behind Picture Compositing
  • Exercise Safety when operating the camera during the course of the production

Course Fees

Full Fee:
Up to 70% funding

Company Sponsored
Trainee (SME)
70% Funding

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Absentee Allowance :
40Hrs X $4.50 (Capped) = $180

(Above 40, Mid-Career)
70% Funding

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(Below 40, Regular)
50% Funding

Funding :

Nett Fee :

*Courses are subsidized by Skillsfuture Singapore.

*Enjoy 50-70% funding of course fees.

*Company sponsored are entitled for Absentee Payroll.

*Individual of 40 years old and above will enjoy the same funding and Skillsfuture credit could be used too.

*Freelancers who owe a Declared SME company are advised to sign up under Company sponsored category.

*Beginners may consider signing the entire package of the above 9 modules.

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