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SGMP not only specializes in creating impactful AI Video Corporate Websites and e-commerce platforms but also offers clients the development of B2B-focused marketing websites.

You have now arrived at our exclusive marketing website for San Shield, designed specifically for clients participating in the COSMOPROF Asia Hong Kong Beauty Exhibition.

The San Shield marketing website is crafted with a unique style and compelling content to showcase the brand’s products.

It provides enhanced international collaboration opportunities, further amplifying the brand’s influence and competitiveness in the global market.

your skincare routine with

San Shield is suitable for healthcare professionals, providing skin protection and preventing contact dermatitis and eczema.

Additionally, it effectively acts as a barrier against bodily fluids and excretions, preventing skin permeation and bedsores.

San Shield can be used to protect the skin from the irritation of hair setting lotion, lower grade peroxides, styling sprays, and most hair dyes, as well as the harmful chemicals in acrylics, fiberglass, and acetone.

Suitable for beauticians, hairdressers, and professional nail technicians.

San Shield is suitable for individuals in the business sector, especially those who spend long periods in front of computer screens. It effectively combats the stimulating damage of computer radiation on the skin, providing moisturization and preventing skin aging.

Additionally, it protects against greases, alkalis, epoxy materials, and dust, making it ideal for cashiers in industries such as banking.

San Shield effectively separates the skin from urine and other excretions, protecting against infection and avoiding rashes and bedsores. Infants, young children, and the elderly have weaker resistance to bacteria and harmful substances.

Therefore, using San Shield can help them resist bacteria and harmful substances, keeping them away from viruses and promoting better health.

San Shield can be used to protect the skin from lingering odors of food, such as onions, garlic, and fish, that are difficult to remove.

It also provides protection against the irritation and harm from oven cleaning agents, detergents, solvents, plant sprays, insecticides, swimming pool chemicals, household bleach, and disinfectants.

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