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Business Sales Representative

Singapore business sales representatives

Job Overview:

SGMP is specializing in AI website development and hybrid AI video production, dedicated to providing excellent brand image design and innovative e-commerce and business transaction platform websites to our clients. By combining AI technology and creative design, we deliver cutting-edge website solutions to meet their ever-growing needs.

We are looking for passionate and proactive Singapore business sales representatives to join our team. The primary responsibilities of this position include identifying potential clients, facilitating business partnerships, and customizing the best solutions for our clients. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to be involved in the convergence of cutting-edge technology and creative design to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

If you specialize in any of the following sales approaches, please indicate them in your application:

Cold Call Expert:

Salespeople proficient in cold calling and effectively arranging face-to-face meetings, adept at cold calling prospects, generating interest, and securing appointments, but may need further refinement in sales negotiation skills.

Solution Provider:

Sales representatives skilled in presenting company services and proposing solutions, proficient in communicating with clients, understanding their needs, and offering customized solutions, playing a crucial role in the sales process.

Relationship Salesperson:

Specializing in achieving sales targets through building and maintaining customer relationships and trust, providing continuous follow-up and support for any post-sales service.

Job Requirements:


We aim to recruit individuals with dreams, passion, and aspirations to grow in the field of AI website development and creative design. If you are interested in this Singapore business sales representatives position and meet the requirements, please send your resume to our email address, cliffordng@sgmp.asia.