Intriguing lessons

As someone that is actively involved with our video production team , “Sound Recording” was extremely useful for me. We learnt about different audio signals, as well as different types of recording equipment and microphones. I was impressed the focus on hands-on learning; in terms of imparting the know-how on how to set up and operate recording equipment. We were even taught how to check on cable quality !


Enhances my skillset

Personally, I enjoyed “Master Control Room Operations” the most as we were able to understand the end-to-end process in broadcast operations and get hands-on experience with the hardware and software required for a professional live broadcast. We were assessed very heavily on the hands-on application of what we learnt. In particular, we were guided and assessed on using vMix, a software vision mixer, that is an essential tool for providing quality livestreams for our consumers.


Fruitful experience

The topic that interested me the most is Story and Script Development. In that module that I went through, script writing is about how we formulate the Script. One thing that I learned from the module that is most interesting to me is Dan Harmon 8 steps story circle. Where how it was used to build Character Arc and it makes character progress to each stage of the story.

KC Cheng

Fun to learn

It was a fun thing to do, there was
one of the days, we did a project on a scene of “Godfather”, the movie.

We did a role play. I had to direct them where to stand, when to move, what to say, when is the cue…those kind of stuff. And we had a lot of fun.

And it was very, very chilled. You will understand more.

So for all of you who really wants to join this course, I really will ask you to join in. Because you will learn a lot. And it’ll be a fun and enjoyable moment for you.


Interesting Course

SGMP have helped me especially, meaning directing, as appointed director of videography and photography. My main goal is to make sure that the entire event goes smoothly, especially when it comes to wedding videos, because that was my main aspect of photography and videography wise.


Awesome Course

Hi, I’m Ke Rong.
I’m currently working at The Analogue Factory.
I’m here to talk to you about one of my favourite topics, which is The Master Control Room Operations.
For Master Control, what I’ve learned is VMIX.
VMIX basically captures all the cameras, sound, lighting into one system.
What I can do is, on the master control system would be,
I can control which camera can be shown on screen, as well as how loud of which audio can be played through the system.
As with The Analogue Factory, Live Streaming has become an ubiquitous function and tool for businesses around the world.
At SGMP, we aim to empower you with the ability to conduct a professional live broadcast through our variety of courses.
Our Master Control Room Operations course has helped companies like The Analogue Factory integrate live audio and video content and broadcast it through various platforms.
One hard part about Master Control, which is…We need to coordinate with everyone.
So we need to coordinate with the sound man, as well as the Cameraman in order to do a proper show with the Master Control.

Ke Rong

I learnt alot

I am Dinie, currently working in The Analogue Factory. I am here to share more about the course that I underwent at SGMP. “Sound Mixing” had captured the most attention for me personally, as back then, I was studying. I learned sound and lighting. After I went into the course, I get to learn deeper into sound. I also learned how to use the sound mixer. Setting up the audio mixer and mic. At the end of the course, I aspire to be a sound man as I find this segment of production line is interesting and fun to work in. At the end of the course, I aspire to be a sound man as I find this segment of production line is interesting and fun to work in.


Fruitful Lesson

I like Camera Operations and Video productions. I used to think that taking photo and video is kind of like so easy whereby I just “ON” the camera and press the Shutter button. And there is no need to have any practice. But through this course, I started to realised that there are so many things that I have to do. To take a proper photo and video, first of all, we must know what is Exposure Triangle which include ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. So during the Hybrid Events that I am working in The Analogue Factory, after the course, I was able to set the camera in accordance with the desired preference… Where do the events that held, how was the Ballroom lighting are designed, as well as the number of conferences that required what the camera has to cover. Often times, the environment of the events require different set up of a camera too. I think that using this feature or the camera, I was able to get the best quality of video or image that I want. Or, even the clients want. Thanks to SGMP. Thank you my company to send me for SGMP production course.

Jun Fu

Love the course

During COVID 19 period, I sent my employees to SGMP to take up series of courses. These nine courses actually develop and expose them to take on various roles from sound engineers, videographers, directors, producers, and many more. One of the courses that they teach includes Broadcasting, which teaches them to use a Vmix system to conduct and produce virtual event show. After 9 weeks of rigorous training, I sent my first batch of staff for the first broadcast On-Job-Training. I feel that SGMP course is very relevant to today’s industry and will definitely recommend it to my peers.

Keith Chia

Very Useful Course

It is the sense on where to place the cameras and the types of shots that will require times and experience to learn.

Having the theory down before hand, will be beneficial as they might be even come out with the suggestions that we might not even consider as well.

All thanks to the course.

Eugene Heng

Great teaching

I would like to thank Mr Clifford Ng for his time and dedication in teaching us throughout the course and that we are confident in tackling any future events.

Here are some of his quotes that he always says to us: ‘Never Compromise’, ‘Think simple, think logic’ and who could forget “when I was 15, I started my DJ gig so by the time I was your age, I was already a professional so you should be able to do so too”.

Norman Leong

Ernest Tan, we The Analogue Factory

The first few weeks were difficult as it was a lot of concepts to grasp at such a little time. But as we did more and more practices, the concepts being delivered were a lot easier to pick up. The course is definitively exciting and it’ll challenge you to give it your best shot. It might even prove that you might be cut out for this line and ignite a passion for production.

Being from the events industry, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course. There are a lot of things that are similar between these 2 industries. A lot of things that event organisers can implement in their shows to ensure the success of the event. After going through the course, and especially looking at the pandemic that we are in right now, the course has ultimately taught me to conduct events more efficiently, especially if it’s a staged show that requires cameras.

Ernest Tan