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Video Editor

with AI Graphics Skills

Job Overview:

We are seeking a versatile AI-related video editor with proficiency in popular editing software and advanced skills in AI graphics to enhance video production. The ideal candidate should possess expertise in video editing, along with the ability to utilize AI graphics software for overlaying graphics on videos, creating visually appealing effects, and leveraging AI-driven technologies to support video content.


Proficiency in Video Editing Software:

AI Graphics Skills:

Advanced Avatar Skills:

Audio and Music Dubbing:

Color Grading:

Virtual Reality Production:

Creative Expertise:

Adaptability and Continuous Learning:

Collaboration and Communication:

Educational Background and Career Commitment:

This position offers an exciting opportunity for a talented individual with a passion for integrating AI technologies, video editing, and AI graphics skills in video content creation. If you possess these qualifications and are enthusiastic about leveraging AI in video production with advanced graphics skills, we encourage you to submit your resume for consideration to