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The Spa-Lon's Another Task Granted

Following the “Private Sales Event” and with the year-end approaching, The Spa-Lon has once again entrusted SGMP to launch another holiday promotional event within a week: the “Just Youth, No Acne” facial care service.

Clearly, this is aimed at attracting young customers. In the past, SGMP has proposed several care marketing programs for The Spa-Lon’s young customers, including the well-received “Color Boy” series ad.

The “Color Boy” series mainly utilizes The Spa-Lon’s exclusive beauty technology ATP38 to provide care packages for customers.

For this “Just Youth, No Acne” series, it focuses more on using the Phytomer series of marine minerals and natural ingredients from France, combined with high-tech formulas, to provide acne and anti-inflammatory care for the face and body of young people.

In addition, combining ATP38’s light waves to conduct safe and efficient light therapy at the affected areas helps thoroughly eliminate facial inflammation from within the facial skin, eliminating any barrier that may cause skin inflammation.

Hence, SGMP must incorporate more visual imagery and professional content during the production process, clearly and concisely outlining the entire care process in electronic brochures and videos, to increase customer confidence in the professional services provided by The Spa-Lon. This also caters to the interests of young customers, posing more challenges in advertising presentation compared to mature customers.

However, as an experienced marketing creative and execution company, SGMP promptly completed the AI video and AI webpage in Chinese and English “landing page” versions, in order to launch the “Just Youth, No Acne” and anti-inflammatory beauty promotion campaign on Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms, fully demonstrating the commitment and adherence to the customer.

Finally, we sincerely thank our client The Spa-Lon for the trust and recognition given to us.