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With extensive expertise, SGMP AI MEDIA excels in providing custom AI website development. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to create exceptional websites that radiate quality and sophistication.

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    Collaboration with Kelvin:

    Creating a Professional Official Website for the Tendar Recovering Oil Brand Story

    “When SGMP Media proposed using an AI Avatar as a brand ambassador and the main host of the entire website to Tendar Recovering Oil, Kelvin’s eyes lit up and without hesitation, he eagerly agreed to give it a try.”

    The collaboration between Kelvin and SGMP Media is dedicated to creating a captivating official website for Tendar Recovering Oil. Kelvin’s keen interest was sparked by the innovative idea of utilizing an AI Avatar as the primary host, who takes on the role of the entire website.

    Let’s explore how this Tendar website establishes a strong connection between users and the brand, elevating Tendar’s reputation, and offering a personalized experience.

    Role of the Website:

    SGMP Media proposed the role the entire website should play in establishing the relationship between the brand and customers, as well as delivering the brand’s promises. Consequently, the following six key objectives have been set for the Tendar Recovering Oil official website:

    Six Key Objectives of the Tendar Recovering Oil Official Website:

    Establishing a strong connection with consumers

    Increasing brand awareness

    Building brand reputation

    Narrating the brand story

    Providing personalized experiences

    Expanding sales channels

    These objectives serve as the core themes for the Tendar Recovering Oil official website, with the aim of delivering an exceptional online experience for visitors.

    Exploring the Brand Story:

    After engaging in extensive communication with customers and identifying target audience groups as well as the information the website will provide, we began the exploration of the brand story. Despite limited background information, we have meticulously depicted the journey and production process of Tendar Recovering Oil in a compelling and macro manner.

    By incorporating the slogan “Tendar Recovering Oil, Every Drop is A Marvel” into the brand story, we have infused it with profound meaning.

    User Satisfaction Analysis and Feedback:

    We place a strong emphasis on user satisfaction analysis and feedback. Thus, we have included a section called “Customer Feedback and Statistics” on the website. By collecting and analyzing user feedback, we gather data on users’ professional backgrounds, their purpose of use, and evaluations of the product’s effectiveness. We present this information to users in the form of coordinate graphs and detailed analysis.

    Short Video Showcasing and Purchase Services:

    To enhance users’ impression of the actual feedback on the product, we have created short videos featuring an AI Avatar as the host. These videos showcase user testimonials, influencer recommendations, as well as the characteristics and functions of the 12 ingredients. Additionally, to facilitate user purchases, we have carefully developed an online shopping service. We also regularly update promotional activities to further strengthen our connection with users.

    SGMP turns AI

    You probably won’t be able to find this handsome guy. He can speak different languages from all over the world, just ask him to.

    No need for scripts, rehearsals, or worry about mispronunciations.

    From writing to voice-over translation, he can handle it effortlessly.
    Forgot to mention, he didn’t always look like this.

    Pretty cool, huh?

    SGMP is a great storyteller. The client wants a branded website design, and not just one, but three. I mean, they want the website to be available in three different languages, with the same content.

    From start to finish, SGMP only had very limited information. All they knew was that this brand originated from Tibet. The plot is even less exciting than a movie’s storyline, with just a few photos and unknown models. There’s no chance for auditions. But thanks to artificial intelligence, hey, it actually came together!

    To effectively engage with online users, SGMP suggests to its clients to showcase their content editors on their website. This not only emphasizes the brand’s story and mission to communicate with internet users, but also includes in-depth coverage of user interactions with the brand’s products through the “Customer Feedback” section. Additionally, the corporate website invites influencers to provide endorsements and support for the products. This comprehensive strategy helps to establish a strong reputation and loyal user base among the vast online community.

    Users Feedback and Statistics

    SGMP collected nearly 1000 pieces of user feedback data from the clients and conducted data analysis using ChatGPT. We analyzed the users’ professional background, reasons for using the product, and the effects they experienced, gaining in-depth insights into the users’ suggestions and affirmations towards the product. This analysis would have been a massive undertaking in the past, but with the help of AI data analysis, despite the complexity of the process, the statistical data provides valuable strategic insights for clients.

    Influencers’ experiences with the brand

    SGMP collated groups of influencers engaged by clients to authentically reflect on their experiences with various brands. By categorizing the different views and opinions of these influencers, brands were able to objectively receive users’ personal experiences with the products as well.


    The biggest challenge of this website is the translation of multiple languages and the search and organization of information.

    Even with the intelligent operation of AI software, Chat GPT is an excellent assistant for industries today, assisting with human resources and adapting to rapid global economic changes. However, AI can only assist humans in efficiently completing tasks and cannot replace all human work. We still need to think, organize, judge, and even provide creative guidance on how intelligent software can quickly complete tasks, especially in multilingual writing and translation. We need to examine the achievements that artificial intelligence brings us.

    TENDAR Recovering Oil is the website we have simultaneously launched in three languages, including English, Chinese, and Indonesian.

    SGMP Media and Kelvin have joined forces to create the official website for the Tendar Recovering Oil brand, exhibiting unparalleled creativity in content ideation. From the unique storytelling of the brand narrative to in-depth analysis of user feedback, and meticulously crafted visual spectacles through AI Avatar, every detail has been refined to perfection. We firmly believe that this extraordinary website will inspire unwavering trust and recognition in our capabilities for content innovation and e-commerce website development.

    Tendar Recovering Oil website Video Compilation English production of SGMP


    Minyak Essential Tendar Website VIDEO Compilation Bahasa Indonesia

    To experience the successful collaboration between SGMP and Tendar Recovering Oil, visit www.tendaroil.com.

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    Call us today to schedule your free review or to learn more about our services:

    +65 9632 8476

      Service Request/s:

      Company Website Improvement and Upgrade ServiceBrand Story Writing ServiceCompany E-commerce Design and Function Improvement ServiceCustomer Service Appointment Arrangement Design Service

      Singapore Virtual Reality:

      “Efficiency and Excellence Assured: High-Quality Recording of Italian BioNike Brand at SGMP”

      DR. WILLIAM, an expert from the Italian cosmetics brand BioNike, was invited to Singapore to provide training for Xiao Yuan Marketing’s new product line, “My Age Gold.” On the day before returning to Italy, Dr. William recorded four episodes of Singapore Virtual Reality demonstrations for this product line at SGMP and live-streamed them on Facebook.

      Singapore Virtual Reality
      Singapore Virtual Reality

      SGMP: Pushing the Boundaries with Cutting-Edge Production Technology

      AT SGMP, we continuously strive to achieve excellence in the latest production technology. We are committed to staying at the forefront of AI and virtual technology, fully utilizing our resources to create outstanding virtual reality works.

      Singapore Virtual Reality
      Singapore Virtual Reality

      By using three unmanned cameras, we were able to capture nine captivating shots. This allowed us to efficiently record the four episodes of the Singapore Virtual Reality product series demonstration in real-time, ensuring high efficiency and exceptional quality. Our clients and guests frequently appreciate our capabilities and the results we provide.

      Singapore Virtual Reality
      Singapore Virtual Reality

      Since the marketing period for the four BioNike product introductions in the local market has not yet been determined, we are currently unable to play them on our website. However, we have uploaded news reports on some segments of the Facebook live stream to our client’s official website.

      Singapore Virtual Reality

      Let SGMP MEDIA recount your company’s Singapore brand story! Embed our thoughtfully designed brand story into your official website, inspiring and captivating your users, heightening their awareness of your brand.

      See our Singapore Brand Story Services.

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      Call us today to schedule your free review or to learn more about our services:

      +65 9632 8476

        Service Request/s:

        Company Website Improvement and Upgrade ServiceBrand Story Writing ServiceCompany E-commerce Design and Function Improvement ServiceCustomer Service Appointment Arrangement Design Service