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"Think Simple, Think Logic"

Picture yourself in this scenario

You’ve been tasked to book a huge studio to build a set resembling a palatial bungalow.

“The Tycoon”

No one in the market would want to rent out a real bungalow for a 40-episode, hour-long drama series.

Each episode has at least 30 page counts for the set…

But how? Keep in mind, the studio is no longer available after 30 days of shoot.

How do we schedule that…

M3 - Crew Selection, Direction

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They said there was no need to apply for any permits to shoot at the façade of that protected area..

They claimed it was just 50 meters away from the building..

Is that true?

But the fact was that some one came and detained them…

M4 - Location Scouting

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They are the most indispensable key men in prep and on set.

I would say, Continuity Supervisors should start work in checking the continuity between all the scenes…

Script Breakdown?
Unveil the niche beneath the lines…
The 1st AD can shoulder this…
Or even the Continuity Supervisor

They are both the most crucial Right-hand man to the film director…

M2 - Production Planning And Scheduling

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Don’t Let the Talent Wait

Call Time on Call Sheets…
For the Crew and Talents too?

Stagger their arrival time.

When no one bothers about the call sheet and even stepped on it on the floor on set, ask ourselves this first question:
Are we always not punctual on set?

Over run?

Look at how it eats into your profit.

M1 - Direction, Production

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SGMP PTE LTD is an ATO (APPROVED TRAINING ORGANIZATION) by the Singapore Skillsfuture (SSG) in funding all declared Singapore SMEs, Singaporeans and PRs for upgrading skills in the related businesses, particularly for the media industry.

Founded in year 2015, SGMP has trained more than 300 producers, production managers, directors, assistant directors, research writers, script writers, freelance media practitioners and many more who are passionate to run a producer’s office to being well organized in the productions.

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