Singapore Virtual Reality

Singapore Virtual Reality: “Efficiency and Excellence Assured: High-Quality Recording of Italian BioNike Brand at SGMP”

Dr. William, an expert from the Italian cosmetics brand BioNike, was invited to Singapore to provide training for Xiao Yuan Marketing’s new product line, “My Age Gold.” On the day before returning to Italy, Dr. William recorded four episodes of demonstrations for this product line at SGMP and live-streamed them on Facebook.

Singapore Brand Story: “The Evolution of Schneider Colored Pens: A Testament to Family Values and Innovation”

When you pick up a Schneider colored pen, you may not be aware of the story and evolution of the family business behind it, Schneider Group. Schneider Group is a globally renowned electrical equipment manufacturer founded in 1836. After more than a hundred years of development, this family business has evolved from a small workshop into one of the leading providers of electrical and automation solutions globally.

Singapore Brand Story: “The Transformation of Amazon: From Online Bookstore to Global Powerhouse”

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce and cloud computing companies globally. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, it started as an online bookstore. Bezos’ vision was to provide consumers with a convenient, diverse, and fast shopping platform. The name “Amazon” was inspired by the Amazon River in South America, symbolizing a concept of vastness, diversity, and abundance.

Singapore Brand Story: “Coca-Cola: A Tale of Refreshing Delight and Timeless Tradition”

The story of Coca-Cola began in late 19th century America. In 1886, a chemist named John Stith Pemberton invented a sweet liquid that was initially called “Coca-Cola”. Pemberton described the beverage as a medicinal elixir that could restore health and provide a refreshing boost, consisting of a secret formula including cocaine and cola nut.